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8 Common Teenage Uti Symptoms To Confirm Urinary Tract Infection

Friday, February 7, 2014

8 symptoms and sign of UTI in teenage
Sandra, a 15 years old teenagers had already went to toilet over than 10 times on that morning. She feels to urinate frequently but the volume of her pee is not much. She also feel pain in her lower abdomen. The volume of her water consume are similar as before but she always feel urgent to urinate. Does it is normal to her? To be clear, the situation that faced by Sandra now may be called as uti symptoms or in longer phrase it's called Urinary Tract Infection. This Symptoms of UTI is frequently infecting the little girl, teens, adults and elderly. Men may also infected by the UTI too but the probability is much more less than woman. So, my entry today is focusing on UTI symptoms especially in teenage.

Before talking on more specific on UTI symptoms in teenagers, lets me introduce what is UTI really are. The UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is the cause by the bacteria which is known as the most common kind of infection affecting the urinary tract. As we already know, the pee is the fluid that filtered out of the bloodstream by the kidney. Urine contains waste product but not contains bacteria. When the bacteria get into the urinary system and grow in the urine, it resulted UTI. 

Symptoms of UTI in Teens

There were 8 common symptoms of uti experience by the teenage that suffered from this infection in the past. I would like to say that this symptoms are similar with the symptoms of uti in adults too, especially women. Men shows a little bit different symptoms of UTI.

1. Urination Multiple Time
Frequently urinating is the main or most common symptoms of UTI. However, it should be confirms with other symptoms too. Sometimes when we drink fluids like water a lot resulted on peeing frequency double than usual. It is not considered as UTI symptoms. But the volume of water taken is normal but the frequency of urinate is double, you need to aware on this situation.

2. Feel Burning Pain When Urinate
Healthy teens not feel this situation during urinate. Sometimes we may feel a little bit pain (without burning pain) during urinate if we are consume less water. However, if you feel burning pain during urinate, then it may considered as a symptoms of UTI. Burning pain is totally different compare to pain cause of less water consume.

3. Feeling Pee, Less Pee Come Out 
Urge to urinate or feeling hurry to urinate but only little pee or sometimes no urine came out considered as a major symptoms of UTI. 

4. Lower Abdomen Pain
Sometimes UTI infection may cause pain in the lower abdomen of the teens. To confirm these infection, it should came along with other symptoms and sign that discussed here.

5. Above Pubic Bone Pain
Some teens that having UTI claims pain above the pubic bone. However, it is considered as a minor symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection. Other symptoms or investigation should be done to confirm the infection.

6. Smell and Bloody Urine
Bloody urine can be detect by looking at your pee after urinate. Bloody urine always came with it's strange and unusual smell. If your have experience this situation, don't delay your time to see the medical doctor for further investigation.

7. Mild Fever
Mild fever refer to the body temperature at range 37 to 39 degree Celsius. 

8. Feeling of shakiness and fatigue
Shakiness and fatigue means the body feeling too tired or unable to do something. This symptoms may be a signal of uti infection. However, it is hard to confirm it unless it is came with other common symptoms such as lower abdomen pain and bloody urine. The best solution is, see the medical doctor for more details investigation.

What we, especially for teenage should do after experience any one or more uti symptoms that discussed above? My advice, you should go to a doctor right away. The symptoms may become worse if you ignore them. Your point is care on your own health. Do you know that UTI may infected your kidney if your delay to get medication ? Kidney is the most important organs that helps us to filter bloodstream. If the UTI bacteria reach and attack your only kidney, you may put yourself on high risk of kidney damage. If your don't really sure what happen to your and you have notice that you are experience the above symptoms, see your nearest hospital or health center for UTI confirmation.

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