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Urinary Tract Infection - 4 Common UTI Causes In Toddlers

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is the main causes of uti or urinary tract in toddlers actually? does it's similar with uti causes that experienced by an adults? Today, i would like to explain or write about the main  causes of uti especially in younger people like children and toddlers.

uti causes in toddlers and childrenMicroorganisms
Most UTI cases are caused by microorganism such as bacteria that live in in the bowel area. Majority, the bacterium that causing the Urinary Tract Infection in toddlers is known as Escherichia Coli or E. Coli. Normally, the urinary tract tract has it's own system in order to prevent this kind of infection. Normal urinary system has one way valves from the ureter to the bladder which is act to prevent urine from backing up or refluxing towards to the kidney, and urination automatically washes microbes and bacteria out of the body. The level of immune system in toddlers also help in preventing the uti infection. However, due to their age, some of them may not enough or weak immune system resulting on high probability being infected by the uti. Normally, some of the bacteria may not flush away with the urine because they have a strong ability to attach or sticking themselves in the wall of the urinary tract.

Delaying Urination
Some children has often delay or holding their urination due to some reason such as playing activity, watching their favorite TV program and manymore. Toddlers who's usually delaying urination are in higher risk of developing utis that the one that urinate on time. Holding urine will allow the utis bacteria to multiply in the bladder area. Consuming less water or fluids intake resulted on producing less urine and makes the bacteria stay longer time in the urinary system. 

Chronic Constipation
Chronic constipation is a condition where the toddlers or child haw fewer than two bowel movement in a week. This condition also to be said as a cause of uti or urinary tract infection. When there's a less bowel movement, the bowel become full of hard stool and press the bladder neck, resulting in blocking of the urine flow. This condition makes them less urinate and allowing the bacteria to grow.

Bacteria From Rectal Area
Normal urine do not contain bacteria. Normally large numbers of bacteria present especially in a rectal or anus area and within bowel movement. This bacteria may move into urinary system, then to the urethra and finally in the bladder especially in a little girl. This condition finally causing the utis. It is happen because the bacteria are easily to grow and multiply in the bladder area.

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