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12 Major Causes Of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) In Women

Friday, December 13, 2013

I believe many of people especially women out there got no idea, or has limited causes on the major causes of UTI. After spend over 1and half hours reading the related information through Google search engine, I would like to share the 11 major causes that put women on higher probability infected by the Urinary Tract Infection.
  • A new sex partner or multiple partners
10 Cause of Woman Urinary Tract Infection
Frequently changing partner is a very bad habits. It consider as a major cause of UTI on women. Keep changing your sex partner put on high probability of UTI because we have no idea about the new partner overall health. 

  • More frequent or intense intercourse
You know what is the above sentences means right? The intercourse habits should be avoid. You should know that this habits will makes the bacteria move and spread easily within your urinary parts.
  • Diabetes
Diabetes also major causes of Urinary Tract Infection in women. Women that has a diabetes history normally easily affected by UTI than a non-diabetic one. Control your sugar or high carbohydrate consume is the best solution in order to prevent UTI.
  • Pregnancy
It is common that pregnancy women synonyms with UTI. However, it can be prevent by consume a suitable medicine. You should consult your professional doctor. The medicine for pregnant woman may not suitable with the non pregnant woman.
  • Escherichia coli (E. coli)
Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, facultative anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine. This types of bacteria also consider as a major causes of UTI in woman.
  • Staphylococcus saprophyticus
What is Staphylococcus saprophyticus ? it is an obligate human pathogen which is the most common Gram-positive causative agent of urinary tract infection (UTI) in young, healthy women.
  • Use of irritating products, such as harsh skin cleansers
Using of irritating product also drive to the UTI in women. Please get proper instruction or advice from professional doctor before you make a decision on using any brand of irritating products.
  • Use of irritating contraceptives, such as diaphragms and spermicides
Don't intend to use any types of irritating contraceptives if you don't have any sufficient information on it. Better get a suggestion or advice from professional consultant or doctor regarding on this matter.
  • Use of birth control pills
There were thousand of birth control pills out there. Poor information or experience drive us to use any types of birth control pills without knowing its effect. Get enough information before you use it. It's more save if you see someone that expert regarding on this such as medical doctor and etc. 
  • Heavy use of antibiotics
Don't consume antibiotics too much. It also lead us to being infected by Urinary Tract.
  • A blockage in the urinary tract (benign masses or tumors)
A blockage in the urinary tract also may causes of UTI. Usually the blocked cause by the benign masser or tumors.
  • A history of UTIs, especially if infections are less than 6 months apart
Any women who's has esperience of being infected by UTI also have the higher probability on being infect again, especially for those that being infected less than 6 month before. 

For UTI examination, the doctor will feel your abdomen and kidneys for changes and use laboratory tests, such as a urine culture, to find out if you have a UTI.

The 12 Major causes of UTI in women which was discussed above may not good enough. I believe there are more causes that has not been sharing here. I hope that anyone who's has reading this article would share their experience or knowledge in the comment section below, so that everyone will get benefits on it.

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