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4 Common And Top Antibiotics For UTI - Urinary Tract Infection Treatment and Prevention

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Urinary Tract Infection Antibiotics
Antibiotic which is also known as antibacterial, are types of medication that eliminate, destroy and slow down the growth of bacteria. There are many types of antibiotics out there that has been prove to heal UTI or urinary tract infection. Now, i would like to let everyone know the 5 common antibiotic that help to cure UTI. Before that, i would like to emphasize that don't simply take antibiotic before get an advice from professional doctor because the choices of UTI antibiotics depends on many factor such as medical history, allergies, and susceptibility of the causative microorganism to that particular. If you wrongly on taken the right antibiotic, the Urinary Tract Infection may getting worse or no improvement at all. So, lets discuss on the first common antibiotic.

1. Ciprofloxacin

Ciprofloxacin is a types of antibiotics and act in killing bacteria that commonly caused by Urinary Tract Infections. This antibiotics specialist for UTI or bladder infections, pneumonia and sinus infections.
The Ciprofloxacin came in tablet and liquid. However, Antibiotics that used for UTI are only came as extended-release tablets. This antibiotic is not suitable to all bacteria infection and cannot work of any infection caused by viruses. This medicine should be taken onle with your doctor's prescription.

2. Levofloxacin

Levofloxacin which is came from brand of Levaquin is another common types of Antibiotics for UTI. It is a qunolene antibiotics. Beside on treating Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, it also used to treat certain kinds of bacteria infection such as sinuses, skin, lung, ears, airways, bones and joints. This antibiotics works by prevent and stop the multiplication and growth of bacteria by preventing the reproduction and repair od their genetic material, DNA. However, Levofloxacin is not suitable for pregnancy woman because of its bad side effect on join and bone deformities. You are recommend to see your health care provider before taken this antibiotics. They may need your medical background information to ensure that there is no further serious complication while taking this antibiotics.

3. Nitrofurantoin

Nitrofurantoin which is came from Furadantin, Macrobid and Macrodantin Brand, is a top and common antibiotics for UTI. It is similar with types of antibiotics that discussed before, Nitrofuratoin will only be effective against infestion that caused by bacteria. It is work by killing bacteria and preventing them from growth. Finally, it helps the UTI from becoming worse and at the same time allowing the body's immune system to clear the infection easily. Do not take this antibiotics if you are allergic or you have severe kidney disease, jaundice and liver history problem especially caused by taking nitrofuratoin, less frequency of urinating than ususal and in early pregnancy (2 to 4 weeks). To make sure you are safe from further negative complication, you should tell your doctor whereas if you have kidney problem, anemia, diabetes, imbalance electrolyte or vitamin B defeciency and any types of debilitating disease.

4. Sulfamethoxazole With Trimethoprim

Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim which is also known as Bactrim, is a types of antibiotics that cure UTI. It works similar as above discussed antibiotics and could not work for virus infection. Other than antibiotics for UTI, it also used to threat acute otitis media, bronchitis, Shigellosis, diarrhea and other bacterial infection. Please be note that this types of antibiotics cannot work to heal flu and cold infection which is caused by the virus. Patients who suffering from UTI and taken this antibiotics may face xommon side effect such as loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea. Patients who allergic with sulfa compound recommend to take other antibiotic rather than this.


The above types of antibiotic are proven antibiotics that can help on treats and healing the UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. However, before taking this antibiotics, you should see and get an advice from your nearest health care. Please be note here that not all types of antibiotics for UTI state here are suitable for everyone. Certain patients may have to find the best antibiotics that fits and have no bad side effect for them. See your doctor is the best solution for treating this types of urinary infections.

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