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Common UTI Symptoms In Children That We Should Aware

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mostly know that UTI or Urinary Tract Infection normally and mostly attack an adults woman rather than men. However, the reality was children also have a high probability on being infected by this types of bladder infection. In United States, their statistics shows that Urinary Tract Infections affect about 3 percent of children there. That's why we should be aware about this matter beside at least know what is the common symptoms of UTI in children. Here, i would like to stress more on the common UTI symptoms in children for our references.
The first we should now is who is the risk for this infection. Based on the recorded statistic, throughout childhood, the girls has higher probability on being infected than boys. It has said that boys who are younger than 6 months old who are not circumcised are at greater risk for a UTI than circumcised boys the same age 1.
The Common UTI Symptoms In Children

UTI Symptoms in children
The symptoms of a UTI in children are commonly feel burning with urination and bad smelling urine plus fever. Sometimes a child with a UTI may show no symptoms at all. Normally when UTI occur it cause an irritation of the lining or surface of the bladder, urethra, ureters, and kidneys, just as the inside of the nose or the throat becomes irritated with a cold. The biggest problem on determine the symptoms if UTI in children is when they are infants or 1-3 years old, they are unable to talk. The only way on suspecting the present of this infection is by alert the children condition, They may have a high fever, be irritable, refuse to eat and frequently crying.
Other symptoms, the children may have only a middle fever, experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and look unhealthy as usual. Children who have a high fever and appear sick for more than a day without signs of a runny nose or other obvious cause for discomfort should be diagnosed for UTI.

Children UTI Symptoms
Other UTI symptoms in children are, the children which are more than 3 years old and able to talk, may complaining of pain in the middle and below abdomen. They may frequently urinate. They also crying and complaining on feeling much hurt while urinate. They also urinate only a few drop of urine. Children may leak their urine into their pants,clothes and bedsheets. Their urine may look cloudy and sometimes reddish in colour. 
Even though, most UTIs are not serious, but delaying in treating this infection can lead the serious infection especially when the infection spreading to the children kidney. When our children showed anyone of the above symptoms discussed, Quickly see the specialist medical care doctor for UTI test. 

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