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6 UTI Symptoms in Babies and Toddlers That Parents Should Know

Thursday, January 2, 2014

uti symptoms in babies and toddlers that we should know
The Urinary Tract Infection or UTI normally can be found in adults or older people especially woman. However the real things is, the uti are also found in babies and toddlers. The big problem is, it is hard to determine the uti symptoms in babies. For many babies, an unexplained fever is the only symptom. It has been found that 5 percent of babies and toddler who have a fever without other symptoms have a uti. The biggest problem of uti in babies was, many cases of UTIs in babies and toddlers has no sign or shows no uti symptoms at all. After do 1 and half minutes of reading and googling through internet, i would like to share a 6 common uti symptoms in babies and toddlers.

Crying and Urination Pain Indication
The only sign of uti symptoms in children that easily detect is by alerting on their emontions. Be sensitive when you notice your baby crying strange than usual. It may show their feeling on pain during urinating.

Urine Smelling
Be alert on the toddlers urine too. Strange smell of the babies or toddler urine may become as the uti symptoms of these infection.

Cloudy and Reddish Urine
Mostly, babies are wearing diapers and it is hard to determine the texture or the condition of their urine. The other alternative are depends on the parents whereas limited on using disposable diapers. Cloudy or reddish colour of the urine condition and colour may the symptoms of uti.

Refuse to Eat
Don't take easy when your baby refuse to eat. Especially when it suddenly happen or never happen
before. This sign also are the main symptoms of uti in children.


Some of babies or toddler may vomit after eat a lot or their stomach was full. This condition may not the sign of uti symptoms. However, when your babies vomiting after few hours eating or before
eating time, be aware on this condition.

Persistent Irritability
Other symptoms of uti are persistent irritability or on the other words, continuously bad mood or
feeling uncomfortable almost all the time.


If you noticed that your babies and toddlers shows the above symptoms, your should take an immediate action regarding on this,Call your baby's doctor as fast as possible. Urinary tract infections of UTI normally easily to cure, but if you do nothing or no action regarding on this, it may cause kidney failure and kidney permanently damage. Doctors say children under age 2 are more likely than older children to suffer serious damage, so it's important to catch and treat the condition as soon as possible.

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