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How To Cure A Bladder Infection

Friday, April 4, 2014

bladder infection symptoms
Before we go through on how to cure a bladder infection, let's me explain about bladder infection first. Do you ever experience burning or feeling painful every time do urinate ?, if yes, you are in high probability of having bladder infection. Normally this infection are caused by bacteria that growing in the bladder or urethra tube. Men, women, older people and even children can get a bladder infection. However, most bladder are found in women. Bladder infection also known as Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. The best way on how to cure this bladder infection or urinary tract infection are using medical treatment and adjusting daily habits.

Consume Water Regularly
Consuming much more water regularly will reduce the bladder infection pain. Water or fluid function are to dilute the concentration of the urine and remove the uti bacteria when urinating. Urine is a form of waste product and acids from our body. Less water consuming can make the urine become concentrated and more acidic in the acids urine is a major causes of burning and painful during urinate. Uti victims should avoid caffeine drinks like coffee, tea and soda. The caffeine substances can makes the bladder irritation become worse.

Don't Hold Your Urine
Most people always holding their urine for some reason. Holding our urine is a bad habits because it can promote the bacteria to multiply on our bladder. If you feel to urinate, don't hold it. Just go to the nearest toilet and empty our your bladder. For implementing this habits, automatically the bacteria that cause the bladder infection or Urinary Tract Infection will flush out from our bladder together with the urine. Urinating after sexual intercourse is a good habits in order to prevent bladder infections. Normally, sexual activity can makes the bacteria move easily into the tract system. Urinating will flush away the bacteria from our urinary tract system and preventing infection.

Antibiotics for Bladder Infection
Yes, this is the most common way in order to cure a bladder infection. Some cases, minor uti resolves without taking antibiotics. But the major cases need medical treatment such as antibiotics. You have to see your medical doctor in order to get the best antibiotics. Some antibiotics are not suitable to some people.

Decreasing Pain
Major bladder infection can cause pain and burning in the pelvic area even when you are not urinating. Yes, it is true that antibiotics can make us feel better but it take one to three days  to works. Get an advice from your doctor for the best pain relievers.

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