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Foods For Uti Infection - 9 Types of Food for Urinary Tract Infection Remedies

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Does types of food taking daily can help to cure UTI faster? Absolutely yes. Some of uti victim taking their daily meals without considering their types of foods. That's why they took longer time for urinary tract infection healing. The urinary tract infection commonly caused by E Coli microorganism that grow and multiply in our urinary tract system. Today, i would like to share 9 types of foods that help us to get rid from UTIs faster beside taking an antibiotics.

Spicy food makes uti heal longer time
1. Avoid Extreme Acidic and Spicy Food
As a uti victims, we should not include the spicy, acidic and bitter in our diet. Here are the types of food that you should avoid: coffee, alcohol, tea, chocolate, smooth drink, guava, orange, pineapples, strawberries,tomato, carbonated beverage, chicken liver, corned beef, chicken, steak, corn, eggs and bitter foods.

2. Plain water
Of course you should drink much water. Taking a lot of water automatically will increase your urinating frequency. Urinate will help you to flush away the uti bacteria from your urinary system and decrease the number of that bacteria.

3. Consume Green Vegetables and Fruits
To get heal form uti faster, you should consume much green vegetables and fruits. Consume fruits that less acidic and alkaline. 

4. Taking Supplement
Supplement is a popular foods in order to get rid from uti. However, you should take the suitable supplement for UTI victims. The most suitable supplement is vitamin C. You should take up to 3000 mg of vitamin C daily until you are getting better.

5. Taking Significant Minerals
Zinc also to be said as a good supplement of utis. You may get Zinc mineral by including bananas, fish, nuts, salads, bran cereal and cheese.

6. Fiber
Fiber considered as an important foods because it's aid flush our body similar as drink a lot of water. You may get this from vegetables and fruits.

7. Cranberries
I have write about cranberries on my previous article. For your quick information, cranberries consist of proanthocyanidins which disrupt E coli, the microorganism that cause UTI, from sticking at the bladder wall. You may take cranberries supplement or drink fresh cranberries juice everyday.

8. Ingesting Foods Taking
You should taking ingesting food as your daily meal. It was said that this types of foods has a great deal of natural antibiotics which help to fight the uti infection. Example of ingesting foods are: uncooked garlic, onions, shallots, radishes, new ginger roots and finally loads of fruits and vegetables juices.

Yogurt- home remedies for uti
9. Taking Yogurt
Why taking yogurt is important? yogurt contains good bacteria or microbs which help to fight over the bad bacteria. While taking an antibiotics, the good bacteria may decrease and exposed your body on another infection. Taking yogurt will increase and maintain the number of good bacteria in our body.

Practice the above meals will help us to get rid from the urinary tract infection faster. Suitable food help us on healing from uti while taking an antibiotics. Don't simply fully depends with an antibiotics only. If you have another proven food for uti, please share in the comment section, so that everyone will expose with your sharing.

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