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6 Types of Uti Treatment Without Antibiotics

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection absolutely can make someone feeling inconvenience and uncomfortable. That's why, people who suffering with uti commonly find the fast solution or treatment to get away from it. Normally their solution is get an antibiotic from professional medical treatment as as soon as possible. Frequently taking so much antibiotic is not good for our body because it cannot promote the formation the natural body immune system to fight against the infection. That's why here, i would like to share 6 types of uti treatment without using antibiotics.

1. Taking Cranberry Juice
Drink cranberries juice is perfect ways in order to fight and get rid from UTI. It is recommends to drink at least 250 ml glasses of cranberry juice twice per day for two days. How's cranberries juice help to fight these infection ? Cranberries which is acidity properties help to acidifies the urine and resulted on prevent bacteria from adhering to digestive tract. It also flush away the UTI bacteria out of the urinary tract system. It is recommend to drink the fresh cranberries juice. You only allowed to increase cranberries juice up to 3 glasses per day. Over than that, it can cause stomach pain or diarrhea. For cranberries juice preparation method, you can blend it. However, avoid on mix it with soda or any types of drink contains caffeine. Caffeine can worsen the UTI. Don't apply sugar in your cranberries juice because it can promote the growth of bacteria. If the cranberries is hard for you, you may taking 400 mg cranberry supplement twice per day as a juice replacement.

Get rid from uti with drink a lot of water
2. Taking A Lot of Plain Water
Drinks a lot of water also is a practical uti treatment without antibiotics. Normally, the medical doctor recommend to taking a lot of water instead taking an antibiotics tablets. The uti people are recommend to drink one glass of water every hours. Drinks 250 ml glass of water every hours for two days dramatically increase the urine flow. The more fluids taking, the number of urinating is increase. Every time do urinate or empty the bladder, the utis bacteria is flush away with the urine. Do not hold your urine because it can promote the bacteria to grow inside your urinary tract.

3. Taking Supplement
Taking correct types of supplement is also an alternative of uti treatment instead of taking antibiotic especially in the early stages of UTI infection. It is advise to take vitamin C, cranberries, goldenseal, acidophilus, urva ursi, echinacea and nettle as a major supplement. Apply this for 1 and half days. If there is no improvement, go to professional medical doctor is a second step to get help on prevent this infection from getting worse. Take 500 mg or vitamin C every other hours but stopping the dosage if it causing stomach upset. Vitamin C resulting on urine acidifies, and fully effective to kill the bacteria, beside strengthens the immune  system. Taking the cranberry supplement also acidifies the urine same as vitamin C, But, cranberries help more on prevent the uti bacteria from sticking in the wall of urinary tract. To boost up immune system and having anti inflammatory in our body, drink 250 ml or goldenseal, echinacea and nettle tea for several time per day. If it is hard for your for taking Vitamin C and Cranberry supplement, you can take 500 mg of uva ursi or half teaspoon of tincure four time daily for seven days. If your taking antibiotics, you are only allowing to take acidophilus. Acidophilus act to restore the balance of healthy bacteria after an antibiotic wipes that population out. Only take one tablet twice per day.

4. Put Away Irritants Diet
Never ever taking caffeine, alcohol, citrus and hot spices if you are on uti treatment. This types of diet can irritate your bladder. Caffeine and Alcohol is quite bad because they will dehydrate our body which is resulted on producing less of urine and of course hard to flush away the uti bacteria from the bladder system. Continues on restricting caffeine and alcohol in your diet after heal from uti also helps us especially on protecting the infection to come again in the future.

5. Practice Healthy Hygiene
Practice proper hygiene also considered as a good habits in order to get rid from Urinary Tract Infection fast. Women are advise to wipe from the front to the back whenever after using bathroom. Women also need to urinate before and after sexual activity with their partner. Don't forget to clean the genital area before and after sexual activity. Apply shower in order to wash your body. Avoid on using bath tubs because the bacteria can spread from other parts of the body to the urinary tract through bath water. Women are advice to avoid applying any perfumed product especially in their genital area. Women also advise to wear sanitary pads than tampon. If they are wearing tampon, they should change the tampon frequently to keep the area as dry as possible because some research find out that wearing tampon in a longer hours may makes the uti become worsen.

Avoid wear tight clothes to get rid from uti
6. Wear Right And Comfortable Clothes
The right types of clothing also influence on the progress of uti healing. Some types of clothes will makes the UTI hard to get away. You are advise to wear cotton types of clothes. Clothes such as cotton underwear and cotton pantyhose are better in order to get rid from uti than non-absorbent fabrics like silk or nylon. Please don't wear tight-fitting pants or shorts because it would promote moisture and trapped our sweats especially in the vital. This situation will provide a good environment for the bacteria to grow up and multiply.

It is good to practice this 6 method of uti treatment rather than taking antibiotics. Since,there's only some people know and apply this urinary tract infection treatment without antibiotics, I believe that this sharing will benefits us more to gain new specific knowledge. If you think that this article is worth for all, please share it in your social media wall.

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