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4 Common UTI Symptoms In Elderly

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

4 common symptoms of uti in older people
Most common UTI symptoms are lower abdomen pain, pain during urinate, reddish urine and many more. Does anyone know what is the symptoms of UTI on elderly? does it similar with the symptoms that faced by the younger, middle aged people ?. My today's entry will touch a little bit regarding the common UTI symptoms that may experiences, or sign of Urinary Tract Infection that may occur in order to confirm this infection.

Urinary Incontinence

To be honest, based on the information that i get from certified healthy niche site, it's hard to  detect the symptoms of UTI in elderly at all. It is because of their aged. They may no longer feel discomfort or pain experience at all. Why ? Simple explanation, as they getting older, the immune response also change. However, the most symptoms which may act as a sign of elderly UTI is urinary incontinence. It's means, they are weak or sometimes unable to hold their urine or control their own bladder. 

Confusion or Sudden Behavior Changing

If an older adults act or do something that they never do yesterday this is the warning of urinary infection. For example, the older adults eat by themselves normally but today, he suddenly unable to feed themselves or needs other helps. This behavior also called confusion or unable to do the task or anything that they always do before. Be aware on this, it may sign of UTI infection.

Body Stress

The urinary or bladder infection places stress on the body. The stress can change the elderly behavior and emotion. Keep in eyes of their behavior and emotion, what they are doing everyday and the way their talk and face expression. For example they like to talk much 1 and 2 days before but suddenly become quiet person. Bring them to nearest hospital for UTI or other disease diagnosis.


It is a rare that elderly get a fever. But if they experience it, it considered as an emergency of UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. It may a serious infection.


An elderly people usually unable to do many things by themselves, especially to look after their own healthy. They need someone to look after them. As their relatives, daughter or son, we should care for them, only us know and familiar with their behavior and emotions. Treating the UTI is easy. There are so many antibiotics or home remedies that can apply or taken by them. But, delaying on get the treatment of this may resulting the kidney infection and the infection become serious and critical.

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