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9 Ways On How To Prevent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is a types of disease that more dominance in woman. Not many of us aware woth this infection until we experience it. There so many easy ways on how to prevent UTI. Todays entry, i would like to share 11 simple but practical method on preventing UTI.

1.Urinate After Sexual Intercourse.
Anyone always practice this method? Don't wait longer time to urinate after having sexual intercourse with your partner even though you feel empty bladder or no need to do this. By urinating, this will flush out germ or bacteria that may on their ways into our urinary tract during sexual intercourse. You may feel this is like joking or impossible but this is true.  

2. Taking or Drink A lot of Water Daily.
To preventing uti, you should maintain a high level of fluid intake every day. It is advise to drink a lot of plain water and tea. Avoid on drink a lot of carbonate fluids and hard sugar drinks. Cranberries juice is one of the best juice that can help on prevent future UTI. Never taking a lot of caffeinated drinks or energy drink such as isotonic fluids.

3. Practice Healthy diet
Your daily diet also help on how to prevent a future UTI. It it advisable to practice a healthy diet everyday. Please put more antioxidant rich and nutrient rich in your diet,because the more you consume this, the greather you provide your body to defending and increasing body immune to fight against the infections.

4.Wipe From "Front To Back"
Whenever you using a toilet, please wipe from front to back, means wiping from anus to urethral. Make it as your habits. Why? this will help to prevent you from the germ or bacteria in the wiping paper which is can spread to your genital . Make sure change the new wiping paper after wiping it once. If your accidently dirtied your hand with any discharge from anus, wash your hand with antibacteria before continuing to wiping again. Otherwise you may exposed with E. Coli which is causing UTI.

5. Exercising
Exercising or stay active also help us against the uti infection. Jog at least 5 km per day or go to gymnasium or do any body movement daily actually will help to keep your immune system in good standing.

6.Wear cotton underwear 
Make sure your wear clean underwear every day. It is advisable to get shower regularly and wear new and clean underwear taking shower. Avoid on wearing a tight clothing that can make unconfortable especially in your genital area.

7.Take Showers. 
It is time to change from bathing into Showers. Did you know that soaking in a tub can provide a breeding ground for infection. For the same reason, avoid sitting around in wet bathing suits or in a hot tub. When you wash your genitals, use a plain, mild soap or simply water. Skip anything heavily scented or anything containing an exfoliant.Avoid douching, using feminine deodorant sprays or wearing scented pads or tampons. These products remove your body's natural protective barrier.

8.Washing Hand Regularly
Wash your hands regularly especially when every time after using a bathroom. This will prevent you not only from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) but other illness also.

9.Urinate Regularly
Never hold your urinate. If you feelto urinate, just do it. You should know that holding a urine will expose or can lead to UTI infection.

As a conclusion, preventing UTI is very simple and anyone can do it. I believe everyone can follow thes 9 method on how to prevent a UTI. The key is, just care about your health, body hygiene or neatness especially in your genital area.

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