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3 Most Works Home Remedies for UTI That Make You Feel Better

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not many of us know or practices a home remedies for uti really are. Normally, we are going to medical doctor to get medicine. Not many of us really sure on how's effective home remedies for UTI are. Antibiotics, known as a most popular medicine to heal Urinary Tract Infection in human. However, beside taking antibiotics home remedies also proven in order to reduce the pain and makes the person who suffering from uti (urinary tract infection) fell better after practices it regularly. Today, i would like to share the 3 most works home remedies for urinary tract infection proven especially to reduce UTI pain.

Home remedies for Urinary Tract Infection
Drink a lot of Fluid (Plain Water)
Why water? Drink a lot of water automatically makes us to urinate more frequently than usual. The bad bacteria that cause the UTI will flush or flow away with the urine. The more your drink, the more your urinate. Finally it will reduce the number of bacteria in your urinary system. It is advise to drink only plain water. Don't consume water that contain caffeine which can make our body dehydrated. Please never add sugar in your drink. Avoid alcoholic drink too.

Drink Fresh Cranberries Juice
The best Cranberries juice to drink is fresh cranberries. You may pick ready cranberries too that has been sell in market but be aware on its ingredients. Some of the packed cranberries juice contains sweetener which makes the juice too acidic. Please be noted that cranberry juice won't cure or heal a UTI, but it may prevent it recurrence especially in women. If you experience recurrent UTIs, drink 50 to 150 ml per day of pure cranberries juice. If it is a diluted juice, you should to drink more than 150 ml of it. Please be noted that drinking cranberries may cause the some side effect. It may react with regular medication and causing kidney stone. Over drink or cranberries juice also may cause diarrhea. Cranberries juice also not work for men with uti.

home remedies for UTI
Baking Soda

Baking Soda is good to reduce uti pains too. Normally, the imbalance acidity on the urinary system make us feel uncomfortable and pain. Stir half teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of water and drink it. The baking soda which is known as a base component works to neutralizes the acid in the urine, resulting on peeing less painful. However, don't consume this too much because it may disturb the flora balance in our intestine.

Using Heat Pad
Lastly, using a heat pad may also us feel better from uti pain. Place a heating pad over our pelvic area. Gentle heat help provide some pain relief.

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